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tv   11 News Today  NBC  November 19, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> no, they are wite. most of the major roadways look good. 58 also on the j.f. let's check drive times for you. seven minutes on 895. about a five-minute ride on 95 south from the 895 split. let's give you traffic quickly this morning. heading out at 95 south of the belt way northeast, so far so good. picking up just a bit. you can see it is foggy out there on the harrisburg expressway. take it easy as you travel. >> our big story this morning, after a surprisingly brief defense, the case against baltimore city mayor sheila dixon could go to the jury as early as this afternoon.
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>> closing arguments are slated for today. jen has the story. >> good morning. closing arguments expected to begin in just a matter of hours. it is possible the jury could get the case today and all of this comes after the defense decided not to put mayor dixon on the stand. in their opening statements dixon's case claims the case is all about ronald lipscomb and his relationship with the mayor. they plan to show he gave her gift cards and she got them mixed up with others. they focused on gift cards donated by turner and they were supposed to be given to needy families and wound up in the mayor's house or as a gift to a wealthy staffer. without lipscomb, the defense was left without a villain and chose not to put the mayor on the stand.
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>> do you think this jury wants to hear from this defendant in particular? >> yeah, i think so. >> because of who she is? >> absolutely. >> if the mayor is convicted obviously the political landscape of baltimore will change. we'll have that story coming up. >> thank you, jen. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. were you surprised by the degrees to keep mayor dixon from december -- the decision to keep mayor dixon from testifying in her own defers. we have the continuing coverage of the trial of mayor dixon. you can follow proceedings with live tweets from the courthouse and watch the story on our website. >> a house comes crashing down around lucas point. it sends one man to the hospital. the two men were doing some
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rehab work when the ceiling collapsed sending debris crashing down around them. resks crews made quick work of freeing one of the men who was trapped under a lot of debris. >> safety is of utmost importance. they have to ensure every potential spot that could collapse on top of them. >> one man is recovering in shock trauma with a broken leg. >> police trying to track down subjects in a series of sexual assaults. they are increasing foot patrols and sending out flyers. they hope sketches in two of the atabs might help lead to a break. they point to d.n.a. evidence that proves these attacks are not connected. >> there is no serial rapist running around baltimore. >> we want to assure the community that we are on top of
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what's going on and we want to make sure they take precautions. >> meanwhile city police along with other city agencies will hold a town hall meeting tonight to share information about the attacks and address any concerns. it begins at 6:00 p.m. at the prez beteern church at 1,300 north eden street. >> a man has received a life sentence for the for a rape and robbery. a judge sentenced him to life for an attack on a 62-year-old woman as she attempted to close the laundromat where she worked. he tried to strangle his own mother. par showed no sign of remorse for his crime. democrats say it is the last leg of the journey for helts care reform. -- healthcare reform.
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>> we have more from washington. >> the senate's top democratics sounds confident reform is close. hopes raised in part by numbers. the measure extends insurance to 94% of eligible american and costs $884 billion. it promises to cut the deficit by $130 billion over 10 years. the house republicans say don't believe pilt >> the long-term liabilities are enormous. >> the hot button issues are already generating heat. it would enact a medicare payroll tax on americans earning a quarter million or more. it would include a public option. >> this is going to be socialized medicine if we don't stop here. >> democrats say what is not to like? >> number one, we cover more people and make insurance more affordable and take away a loft
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abuses of the insurance companies and a loft reforms that we have. >> american people ought to know what is in the bill and i suspect this is everybody bit of 2025 pages. >> just to open debate, democrats need all of their members plus two independents to vote yes. majority leader reed says he is cautiously optimistic. >> in this morning's project economy report, a third round of state budget cuts for fiscal year 2010 slashes another $362 million. the panel approved $129 million in tax revenue from constellation's deal with e.d.s. transfering $25 million from the
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rain create day fund and a cut to higher education aid. the most controversial move was the decision to close the upper shore community health center in chestertown to save -- $5 million. >> none of these decisions have been easy. none of them have been popular. >> while counties and state dwovets are cutting costs where ever they can, wbal radio reports the county's personnel and salary board voted 4-0 to raise the sal ray from $150,000 to $162,000 a year. the 7% to 8% raise was voted down. the house market may be down now
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but not in ritz-carlton residences which has just sold the most expensive condo in baltimore city history. tom clancy has paid $12.6 million for a 12,000 square foot, four bedroom, 6 1/2 bath penthouse. it features 190 condominium properties. only 23 of which have been sold. >> instead of flying south, hanch donn's flamingo has urn -- hampton's flamingo has returned. >> three, two, one. >> there it is. mayor dixon was on hand for last night's unveiling of the new giant bird which replaces the one that was torn down last month. they celebrated what -- in true
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hampton style. >> well, i think if anybody missed knowing that there was a big pink flamingo in hampton, they will know now. no one will miss it. >> no kidding. city leaders unveiled a new sign to be hung on i-83 directing traffic into hampton. >> it is prettier looking than the old one. time now 6:09. still ahead this morning, our financial news and bloomberg business report. >> also ahead, it may have been a force of nature but a judge lays blame for hurricane katrina on a manmade source. >> find out which morning staple could be missing from your freezer for quite sometime. >> all i have to say is at least they teast better than they
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smell. -- taste better than they smell. what do you think about it? we're live at the turkey form. they are scared. details coming up. >> as far as your morning commute, not so scary. things looking pretty good breakfast doesn't really start until the grands are on the table grands biscuits. would it really be breakfast without 'em? hoo-hoo! make breakfast grand.
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. you're looking at a live picture of traffic this morning. things moving smoothly. things don't appear to be too wets there. >> pretty mild. with thanksgiving right around the corner, it is just a week away, time to talk turkey. >> that is what sandra shaw is doing this morning. good morning, sandra.
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>> it definitely doesn't smell great here but there is such a transformation for these guys. it is a little bit sad. we're here with some of the largest tom turkeys that we have. you say these are some of the biggest birds you have had in recent years? >> yes, they grew very well this year. we've had cooler temperatures and they grow quicker. it isn't looking too good for this bunch here. we'll start on them at 7:00 in the mortgage. this is the first batch we'll process. >> this is your busiest time now? >> oh, it is really busy now. >> tell people, you actually grow these birds and raise them from the start, right? >> they come to us day old in the mail. delivered to us in a box like
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this from michigan. from there, we set birds in may, june, july and august that give us our weight ranges. >> something else, you don't really think about the turkey on your table. here they are, if you will, a human face, if you will or a bird face, if you will. let's take a look at your weather. it is a little bit for the birds. we drove through a significant amount of fog get over here. it is a little bit drizzly. take a look at the doppler. there is rain to our north and south infringing on maryland. keep the umbrella handy, especially this afternoon. that's it. over to you, tony. >> does anybody else want to know what happens before it comes in the plastic thing. i want you to open the cage and let them go! >> it makes me sentimental. this is the third year i've done this. i'm getting a little bit accustomed to the inevitability
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of it all. >> you are much tougher than me. that's for sure. let them go. open the cage and let them run away. temperature-wise, we're in the low 50's. rain showers in the western suburbs. for those of you that don't have rain, you have fog and drizzle. take an umbrella. you'll need it at one point or another. the system has stalled out in the midwest. it has two parts to it. an area of low pressure in the carolinas. this area of high pressure has to get of the way first. that is going to happen tonight and tomorrow. until that time, out of and on rain showers are likely. you might hear a clap of thunder later on this afternoon. times are nice and mild. 50 at frederick. 54 at aberdeen. pretty high to the average high temperatures. shooting for the high of the upper 50's. high of 60.
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the evening commute will be just as wet as the morning commute. if you're taking the boat out, small craft advisories on the chesapeake. showers still possible tonight and probably end 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. friday. we'll wind up with a decent start to the weekend with some sunshine. something to look forward to this the seven-day forecast. early on friday, clouds and maybe a shower. a high near 60. saturday looks very nice. sunshine up to 60 degrees. clouds picking up on sunday again and a chance for rain sunday night-monday and we should get through weekend dry with a high temperature of only 52 degrees on monday. let's see what sarah has to say about the traffic. are you as sad as i am? >> you're a big wuss. set them free. we have a few issues to contend
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with this morning. of course fog is going to be a problem throughout the morning rush. fog may be related to this accident in middle river. it involves an overturned vehicle. southbound as you make your approach to the beltway, starting to get sluggish. howard county, an accident at gaither road and forshithe road. looking good on the harrisburg expressway. in or out of cecil county there are fog warnings between the tolls and the delaware state line. even foggier there this morning. that's the latest on traffic. >> taking a look at some of our top stories this morning. tough talk from president obama
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on north korea and iran. the president said the u.s. is discussing new punishments against iran for not halting its nuclear weapons pursuits. a u.s. envoy will travel for the first bilateral talks since he took office. the judge sided with home owners suing the corps saying poor oversight of the mississippi gluffle outlet led to flooding. it could open the floodgates for other lawsuits and give future plaintiffs a better shot of proving their claims. a bus apparently ran off the road near austin. it was returning from a casino in iowa.
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the cause of the accident is still under investigation. >> this morning this morning's consumer alert. forget flu vaccine shortages. this is a real national emergency here. america is running low on eggo waffles. production has been shut down at one of the plants. combine that with non-flooding related equipment programs with the largest eggo bakery in tennessee and you have cooked up a nationwide shortage. rest assured, we will not lego this story until the crisis is resolved. california is staying steps to ban power-hungry tv sets. tvs will have to be more energy efficient. only 25% of the sets on the market would qualify to be sold in california.
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they believe this move will cut the power con assumption by about a -- consumption by about a billion dollars a year. it is time for the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. investors are looking for signs the recovery will continue in key economic reports coming out this morning. economists surveyed by bloomberg said the index of leading indicators probably rose for a second skiver month in october. -- consecutive month in october. possibly signals the economy will keep growing in next year and it is expected to show manufacturing accelerated in the philadelphia reason. moving on to the markets. yesterday stocks flipped on earnings in the technology sector. keep an eye on c.n.f. corps.
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nokia, siemans is also throwing its into the ring. they both want nortel's networking business. jane king, bloomberg news. >> ravens fans, meet your new place kicker. yesterday the ravens announced the signing of billy cundiff. ravens coaches got an upclose look at cundiff early this year when he kicked for the cleveland browns. he hit a perfect 6-6 on field goal tries. he knows the ravens need one thing from him. perfection. >> i think it is good. if you have the bar set really high then you obviously have got to raise your game to make sure you meet that.
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if you're not willing to accept that challenge then obviously you're in the wrong business. this is a very pressure-filled business and you got to enjoy it. >> to add insult to injury, former ravens kicker, matt stover, who many wish had never left the team, will be lining up on the opposite side of the field for baltimore. -- for the colts. >> were you surprised at the defense's decision to keep mayor dixon from testifying in her own defense? >> here is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. ♪ ♪
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warm pillsbury cookies made with gooey hersheys mini-kisses. spontanious joy may occur.
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>> good morning. let's gets a check of your morning commute. a couple of new accidents. northbound 29 at 100 a crash there. also another one in howard county, gaither road and forsythe road. another one at pulaski highway and martin blooveed. -- boulevard. we'll switch over the a live view of traffic. no delays through the fort mchenry tunnel. >> i think it is pretty amazing
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the weather has not affected the traffic all that much this morning but give yourself a few extra minutes either way. most of the activity is out in the western suburbs, the beltway, baltimore eastern shore. there is just some fog and drizzle. just keep that in mind as you're heading out the door this morning. let's take a look at the forecast. here is your day planner. dropping the kids off at the bus stop, the temperatures will be around 50 degrees and it will likely be raining for your ride home from work as well. in a few minutes we'll take a look at the forecast for the weekend. i think you're going to like that >> thank you, tony. you may have heard of melatonin, an herbal sleep supplement. it is widely used by adults but what about children? >> he gives it to his 6-year-old
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daughter. >> we tried it with my daughter and it is unbelievable. within 30-40 minutes of her taking this, she fall ace sleep. >> kathy has adhd. >> most parents don't give it at the right time so they are not resetting the clock, they are sedating the child. >> tonight at 11:00 why parents of children with undiagnosed sleep problems should think twice before giving it to their kids. >> that's tonight at 11:00. >> look forward to seeing that. >> it is 53 degrees now. still much more to come. >> the jury in the mayor sheila dixon trial could begin deliberations today.
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>> congress holds its first hearing today into the shootings at fort hood and now the pentagon may be launching its own investigation. details coming up. >> an overturned vehicle to watch for if you're traveling through middle river. and two accidents to check on in howard county. >> the san franciscos are going to fly as these birds are -- the feather are going to fly. as these birds are headed to a table near you. >> dakota fanning on the show tonight. before "the new moon"
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. tony has a quick look at today's forecast for us. hey, tony. >> hi, guys. good morning, everyone. the weather is not going to be as nice as the last couple of days.
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around the city, inside the belt way, the eastern shore there is just drizzle and fog. give yourself a little extra time and take an umbrella. we're shooting for a high of 58 today. the evening commute will be just as wet as the morning commute you'll like the weekend forecast. we'll show you in a few moments. >> the jury could soon start deliberate rating the case against sheila dixon. >> the defense only called a handful of witnesses to the stand but not may major. >> the defense in this case decided not to call mayor dixon to the stand and now in just a matter of hours closing arguments will begin in this case and that means the jury could decide the verdict within the next couple of days. >> in opening statements prosecutors promised jurors a case that involved three batches of gift cards, all intended for the poor but allegedly stolen by
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dixon. one batch was provided by ron lipscomb, the mayor's former boyfriend and another by patrick turner. they instead wound up in the mayor's house or as a gift to a wealthy staffer. after prosecutors chose not to put lipow oil associates scom on the put limb already -- ronald lipscomb on the stand, they were left without a villain and chose not to put the mayor on the stand to tell their story. >> you think this jury wants to hear from this defendant in particular? >> i think so. >> because of who she is? >> absolutely. >> am i surprised? not from a legal point of view.
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>> politically? >> that is the toughest call here. the political landscape could change dramaically if the mayor is convicted because she could lose her job and go to jail. >> this is dixon's first trial. she faces another in march on perjury charges. >> baltimore county police have now identified the two men shot inside a baltimore county convenience store. just before 7:00 tuesday the evening suspect robbed the yours convenience store on the 700 block of frederick road. shot the manager, sudhir shah and brian myself. -- brian meise. meise died on the scene. >> congress holds its first hearing on the shooting at fort
6:34 am
hood. the pentagon plans to open its own review to find out what happened. >> administration officials say defense secretary robert gates could announce that review as early as today. today the senate homeland security committee holds its first public hearing on the case of fort hood, nearly two weeks after the deadly shootings. >> once again in the wake of a mass murder, we must confront a troubling question. was this once again a failure to connect the dots? >> the heads of the committee say they want to know what the government knew about suspect hasan and what if anything could have been done to prevent the attack that killed 13 people. >> we are not interested in political theater. we are interested in getting the facts. >> the hearing come it was a white house launched its own investigation into hasan.
6:35 am
some in the administration k have called for congress to back off until it is complete. >> my only cautionry ♪ that we sequence this in such a way we do not interfere with the ongoing investigation. >> official says defense secretary robert gates wants a broad review of the circumstances surrounding the shootings. some details of the pentagon were still being worked out. no one from the defense department or f.b.i. is expected to testify but they talked with lawmakers privately earlier this week. >> good morning. checking on your morning commute. middle river, we'll start there. an overturned vehicle at pulaski highway. police are on the scene. for now try to stay clear of that location. southbound 85, starting to slow
6:36 am
up even more. seeing bit of a slowdown on the west side also. northbound 29. an accident location. other areas doing quite well. let's give you a live look at traffic this morning. the harrisburg expressway. if you're headed out at 95, mchenry, both items are in great shape. that's the latest on traffic. we check in live with sandra shaw. she's with a whole lot of friends. >> you mentioned taking it slow. it is a good thing they are slow. it is a better thing, igsnorns bliss. they are fat. they are ready to go. you do the math. it is only a week until thanksgiving. i'm here with tom reynolds. you have bred these since they
6:37 am
have been children. >> absolutely. every year for 16 years we have been raising turkeys. some people i guess struggle with it. i don't. >> yeah. you said these are going to taste good on the table, huh? >> absolutely. >> we only process these birds seven days before thanksgiving. that is tough to find anywhere else. >> we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast. this morning probably not too good out there. give yourself some extra time with the fog. looking good for weekend. we'll stay dry. next chance of showers sunday night into monday. that's it from here. all the turkeys say hey. >> it might catch on that the end is near. >> i don't like to look at their faces. i have to admit, i love turkey. >> look away. >> 6:37.
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51 degrees. a dining dispute turns ugly as a couple who says they didn't get very good service refuses to fay tip were led away in handcuffs. >> we're still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. were you surprised by the decision to keep mayor sheila dixon from testi
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>> anybody who has ever received bad us service at a restaurant has at least contemplated paying the bill without leaving a tip but a pennsylvania couple's protest of their bad dining out landed them in trouble with the
6:41 am
law. they were at a happy hour in bethlehem with four of their friends when they waited an hour for their chicken fingers and fries and they had to track down napkins and went to the bar to fill their own drinks. when the bill came with an 18% tip tacked on, they said no. >> they said if you don't pay this gratuity, you will be arrested. nobody wants to be forced to pay a tip or be arrested for terrible service. >> sure enough, the standoff led to the police being called, leslie and john being han cuffed and charged with sheft. city officials don't believe the charge will hold up in court. >> ar stewart loves rugby.
6:42 am
he is an amateur player. he loves his team. during halftime of the game, without wearing shoes, he kicked the rugby ball through uprights and won himself $420,000. he said that was one of the three best things that ever happened to him. by the way, he wouldn't say the other two. >> i'm guessing getting married and having children. >> that's a good guess. >> 51 degrees. >> we're dealing with some rain on this thursday morning. we have some good news in the seven-day forecast. we're socked in with the fog here. you're actually looking at the downtown area, somewhere there. stay tuned. weather is coming up next.
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. 6:h 4. a house comes crashing down around two people sending one man to the hospital. fire officials say they were doing rehab work in the basement of the home when the ceiling collapsed sending debris crashing down around them. one of the workers escaped on his own. the other was injured and is recovering at shock trauma with a broken leg. health officials say fewer patients are being hospitalized around the state for swine flu and other types of illness. the house committee was told that the state appears to be on a downward slope. hospitalizations for untyped or seasonal strains of flu fell last week. the numbers hit a high of 260 in the last week of october. 150 were confirmed swine flu hospitalizations. recent warmer weather and rain
6:46 am
might have help to reduce the spread of the virus. the housing markets may be down but not out. ritz-carlton sold the most expensive condo in baltimore city history. tom clancy has paid $12.6 million for a 12,000 square foot four bedrooms, 6.5 bathroom penthouse. >> we have a few problem spots. we'll start in middle river. if you're headed out in the area of pulsaki, we have an overturned vehicle. gaither and forsythe, an incident there. harrisburg north of the beltway,
6:47 am
southbound traffic, not much of a delay. 95 northbound at 32, there is a vehicle into the woods. we're just learning about this one. you can see the flashing lights there. fog certainly an issue this morning. be careful. now we check in with sandra. you tried to interswrune of the turkeys. >> they are gobbling. they are talking to me. i think they understand. i'm talking turkey now. three years of this and you get used to it. 500 of my closest friends here. they are on their last days. tomorrow is a big day for you? >> absolutely. we'll start about 7:00 in the morning. we run about 350 birds an hour. we'll use. 25,000 pounds of ice tomorrow to store these in for the next couple of days and we
6:48 am
have about 2,500 to 3,000 we're going to try to do tomorrow. >> i thought it was interesting, you said when it is colder they have a better appetite and they are bigger birds. >> the colder it gets, the more you want to eat. they look great. i'm looking forward to a blessed day tomorrow and i hope it runs well. >> happy thanksgiving for all. well, they will be in heaven. isn't that right, baby? ok. now they are not talking. ok, maybe not. now they talk. let's take a look at our current radar out there. drizzle and fog pervasive this morning. it looks like that kind of morning. a good chance of showers this afternoon. tony, maybe a little instability and a thunderstorm. >> i agree. you're like the turkey whisperer. see if you can get them to say hi again. >> say hi to tony!
6:49 am
>> see, they don't like me. you shouldn't have said my name. that's cute. >> i can whisper it. >> that is a tough assignment out there to see all of these cute little turkeys before they go. we showed you the hd doppler. this is the same storm we have been talking about for the last three days. you can see it swirling out there in illinois. this is the upper level feature in the midwest and then there is the surface low in the carolinas. eventually this big area of high pressure is going to get out of the way and we'll all be able to get out of our neighborhood but that is not going to happen until tonight or during the day tomorrow. the temperatures are ok. already in the low 50's. 52 at the on of the hour at the airport. off and on rain showers. maybe a thunderstorm as sandra mentioned this afternoon. high temperatures, upper 50's to around 60.
6:50 am
small crafts advisory on the chesapeake. still a chance of rain tonight. the evening commute will be just as slow as the morning commute because of the rain. temperatures have dropped back off into the 40's. most of the rain will be l move up into new england tomorrow. you may see clouds and a little bit of rain on friday by the afternoon i think the sun will be breaking through the clouds. friday looks like a decent day. saturday looks good, both days. high temperatures near 60 degrees. i think it will stay dry during the day but there is a chance for rain sunday night and during the day on monday. high temperatures will fall into the low 50's. that's the wednesday before thanksgiving. high temperature near 60. the busiest travel day of the year. back over to you guys. >> time for a last look of our big story. jennifer joins us live from the
6:51 am
courthouse with that story. >> good morning. closing arguments will begin in just a couple of hours after the defense rested it case yesterday without calling the mayor to the stand. now in opening statements dixon's defense claimed the case was all about developer ronald lipscomb, the mayor's former boyfriend and his relationship with the mayor. they said they would show him as such a big gift giver to the mayor and that she got the gift cards mixed up with those donated by patrick turner and those that were supposed to be donated to needy families but instead wound up in the mayor's house or to a wealthy staffer. the jury could get the case today. that means a verdict could come as soon as today or tomorrow. 11 news has an entire team of reporters covering this story from absolutely every angle to make sure to stay tuned to
6:52 am
channel 11 and for updates. >> that brings us to your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> we asked about the decision to keep dixon from testifying in her own defense. >> many don't want their clients to be cross examined. plus the jury probably wants to hear from her and some may already be biased. >> it is a risky strategy when you allow your future to depend on the testimony of evidence by others. if it works, fine, but if it does not, the mayor can only fault herself. >> time now, 6:51. about 53 degrees in the downtown area? >> something like that. >> just another look at weather and traffic before you head out to start your day
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>> check on traffic and weather. franklin elementary school delayed by one hour today. don't know the reason but one-hour delay. >> looking busy out there. we now have delays. fog has been an issue all morning. pulaski at martin boulevard, still having a delay at the west side. we'll give you a live view of traffic. looks like the accident involving the vehicle into the woods is gone. >> pretty thick fog. where it is not raining there is fog and drizzle. take an umbrella with you. it will be raining at your house at one point or another today.
6:56 am
maybe a thunderstorm for this afternoon, that is kind of unusual for november. temperatures in the low 50's. we'll keep the mild weather going into the queeked. early friday morning, there could be some solve -- some of this stuff around. sunday into monday there is a chance for rain and yeah, like i said, right before thanksgiving, the wednesday before thanksgiving, on the tail end of the seven-day forecast, the busiest travel day of the year. >> we hope the temperature stays nice. >> although you did pick thanksgiving. for the first snow. you can't root for 60 degrees. >>
6:57 am
>> it is a unemployment rate soars to the highest in almost 30 yearers and the economy continues to struggle, more and more maryland families are finding themselves having to make difficult choices. abuse and domestic violence become more prevalent. some families are forced to choose between eating or walking to work or school. underway to help needy families facing these tough choices. your donations will subsidize child care for toddlers and
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provide care for children so their parents can work and help families have safe, affordable housing. human resource experts have documented increased incidents of family violence. providing safe environments for familys is a priority. help with addressing medical issues and basic human needs are all addressed as a result of your donation. as we approach the holiday season, join the united way and celebrate the opportunity to invest in our community and make life better for others. every little bit helps. it can be a dollar or an hour of your time but it will make a difference. for more information log on to and click on the 211 page. epeqdpepdpdpgxgpgpgpgxgxgxz
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